Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in Europe. The explorations undertaken by the Portugese beginning in the 13th Century were epic in their distance and global reach, Brazil to Japan from Portugal.

Lisbon reflects this as both a, once, rich imperial power and a Capital city.


This is a railway station:


Between the marina and Belem is an area round the old palace that is full of beautiful derelict buildings like this:




Vasco da Gama

Interred in the Monastery is Vasco da Gama. A celebrated explorer who opened the sea passage to India and well worth reading about.

He returned to India and died there of Malaria.  He was subsequently brought home and laid to rest in the Monastery.



We had a pleasant over night trip down the coast to Lisbon arriving early the next morning.

Passing the Tower of Belem and the Monument to the Explorers on the way.


The Tower was built in the early 1500’s to defend Lisbon.

The monument below celebrates the Portugese explorers who opened up the coast of Africa, the passage to India and Brazil.