Rio Douro

We did a cruise along the river to the area where the grapes for Port are grown.  The cruise is by Rota Do Douro, and very well done.  Breakfast and lunch on the trip up to Regua and then a train ride back to Porto.

Looking back toward Porto and three of the six bridges, the middle on is no longer in use but is kept as a memorial.


The first lock, 14 metre rise.


River sceneDSC00248

Second lock, 35 metre rise, second highest in Europe.


The next two photos give an idea of the lift:


Top the same ladder.


Some infinity pool


Wine country


In Regua we changed to a bus and went to a Quinta, a Sandeman owned one. Here we saw the vines and the pressing house.


The Douro from the QuintaDSC00285


An enjoyable day.

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