Virxe da Barca

Muxia is one of the final destinations on the St. James Way. Santiago de Compostela being the main one, pilgrims can then proceed to the coast.

We walked round the coast to the Virxe da Barca sanctuary. This is a celtic shrine and sacred spot with a church built here in the 17th Century.

You can see why we were sheltering.


The church interior was completely destroyed by a fire on the 25th December 2013, lightning strike being the cause. The interior when we visited:


This is the Pedra da Barca, a rocking stone, positioned just below the church.


Near the church is a memorial to the clean up efforts following the loss of the tanker ‘Prestige’ and the 70,000 tonnes of oil she had on board.


When the weather cleared we set sail for Vilagarcia, here is the church and surrounds as we sailed.