Dry Dock

The reason for the visit to Hamble was to look at getting some maintenance items done, get some spares and meet any other Nordhavn owners in the area.

After a discussion with Nordhavn we decided to lift Kapowai out and get the underwater items done.

So it was up to Saxon Wharf at Southampton and the 200 tonne hydrolift.


The lift:


Weighing in at 74.1 Tonnes:


On the move:


The parking place for the next week:


Chocked up later with the stabilisers already removed:


One thought on “Dry Dock

  1. Brett says:

    Came across your website via Southern Star. I am interested in the recorded weight of your N64. At 74 tonnes what was the state of the fuel and water tanks? I ask as a yard I am interested in using only has a 75 tonne travel hoist.


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