Dublin to Hamble

After leaving Dublin our destination was Hamble, on the Solent. Nordhavn Europe are based there.

We had a nice cruise south and anchored in a bay to the north of Milford Haven for the night. Next morning we rounded Land’s End and anchored off Penzance. At 0400 in the morning the rolling got so bad we picked up the anchor and got underway.

The wind and waves increased through the day but we decided to keep going across the southern coast of England, 40 kts head wind at times with a short sharp sea.

We passed the Needles near midnight and anchored off Cowes at 0200. Bit of a sleep in and then off to Hamble and all tied up at the Hamble Point Marina by 1030.


One thought on “Dublin to Hamble

  1. Alan Whitley says:

    Enjoying following your adventures, take a look at Lymington while you are down there. You go to Beaulie motor museum, see the ponies in the forest. Lymington has a big marina.


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