On the first day we decided to catch the steam train down to Castletown at the southern end of IOM. Unfortunately it was not running that day or the next.

Here is the entrance to the station and the station hotel.


Castletown, named for a reason.


IOM was a centre for smuggling into the UK, not being subject to the same duty requirements items like French brandy were legally imported into IOM and then smuggled by fast sailing boats into the UK.

Here is Castletown harbour, they were an enterprising bunch.


There is a maritime museum here, centred round the story of Captain George Quayle. He died leaving his yacht, Peggy, hidden in a special cellar and it wasn’t discovered for a 100 years. Unfortunately, like the train, it was away being repaired. It was supposedly a rather quick boat and well armed with small cannon. How much brandy could it carry?