Torshavn to Lerwick

One of those trips again, Force 5 most of the way, starboard bow, constant pitching, spray on deck forward and the odd bang. Short trip of one night but what a night, we pitched down off the back of a wave and both my son & I ended up almost standing on the control panel. I really expected to get green water on deck but she just whipped up and over the next one.

No photos, sorry.


After a very pleasant stay in Klaksvik we had a leisurely day cruise to Torshavn.  For seas as calm as this all the time!


Arrival was bit of a comedy.The designated marina was crowded and far too small for Kapowai so we went back out and on our way. The port then offered us a berth at the ferry terminal but going alongside the gearbox stuck in ahead so it was a lightning fast 180 turn with the thrusters and out again. With that fixed we came back in and made fast.

Unfortunately it was drizzly.


We had a trip round the town, slowly getting wet, found a pub and tried the local beer – nice.