Bonavista Harbour is at the top of Bonavista Peninsular, on the eastern shores of Bonavista Bay and south of Cape Bonavista. The locals were quick to correct you if you mixed them up:

I hear it rains a lot up here, ahh thats the Bay you’re thinking of.

And the fog, ahh thats the Cape you’re thinking of.

Where can I get a beer? Try Bonavista.

A fishing port with a factory and a developing tourist business. It’s main claim to fame is the first landing point of John Cabot.

As we approached we were greeted with a flood of boats coming out of the harbour. We thought the locals had heard about us – flee it’s the Johnson horde on the Kapowai.

In truth it was the first fine day during the 3 week recreational fishing window allowed in Canada and everyone was heading out to get some fish.



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