Whales & Dolphins

We encountered both of these at various times after leaving Falmouth. Two of which happened such that we had no chance to get photos.

On the leg from Falmouth to Halifax I was on watch and looking directly forward when about a half mile ahead a hump back whale rose vertically out of the water like a launching rocket before crashing back into the sea.  Didn’t do it again but we came across two of them a little later hence the identification. What a sight.

On the next leg we had just altered course off Cape Race when a whale back burst out of the water about 50 feet off the port bow and then sat there with its tail sticking out. Looked like a Minke.  I think our alteration surprised it and we got a surprise as well.

Here are some photos of other encounters:

White Beaked Dolphin of which we saw a lot.


Tom, Dick & Harry, Harry is pretending to be an island but we can see him.


Tom & Dick on the surface with Harry just about there.


Paul & Jenny at the light house get photo bombed as does Fred on the cliff.


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