The passage to Halifax took 46 hours with head winds most of the way.

The berth was very close to town:


We had dinner here the first night after a walk round the town. Very nice menu.

We wandered into Keith’s Brewery prior to this and went up to the bar and got two beers, no charge. As we wandered away to find a place to sit it looked a bit strange, like an event. We snuck into a side room but were soon discovered by a staff member – very embarrassed that we had got in. We finished the beers and left in good order. To keep Mr. Keith happy we later had lunch at another of his pubs and paid for the beers this time.

The Museum of the Atlantic was an eye opener. Titanic victims were brought to Halifax (survivors went to New York) so there was a lot on that, the Halifax explosion of 1917 as well. Until recently the largest industrial accident after two ships collided, one an ammunition ship that drifted ashore before exploding and taking huge amounts of Halifax with it.  Cunard who started the line was born in Halifax and there was lots on him and them. Plus this WW II corvette.


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