Bikes & Trouble

The next day we used the local tourist map to go for a cycle, along the beach to the north, down country lanes and out to Mashpee. All looked easy on the map. We rode 35 miles.

Rude things were said about the tour director, biking, hills & decision making processes. There are no photographs of the day although the photographer was very snappy.

I blame the scale on the map, it made everything looks so close.


After leaving Newport we returned to Falmouth to get the a few things done. As it was the first time we knew where and when we would be we ordered loads of bits and pieces.

One of the items we have been wanting for some time, bicycles:


We saw this type on the dock in New York and the owner said there were good. They fold up quickly, stow in a bag. 6 speed gears, not racing bikes but good to get round on.

Our first trip was down the bike trail from Falmouth to Woods Hole. 5 mile ride, lunch at a nice pub and a 7 mile wobble back.

Woods Hole is famous for the MBL:


and mermaids on shore leave, if you can spot them.IMG_20150703_105925