Departing New York

We departed New York via Battery Point, East River and into Long Island Sound. Under Brooklyn Bridge, past the United Nations and through the tidal swirls of Hell’s Gate. Went through with the tide so did over 13 kts at times.

However just as we were letting go Lois decided to go swimming, strange thing to do in a marina but I like spontaneity. Fully clothed and wearing her headset (which still works), which will give you some idea of how sudden this decision was. No other member of the family has gone swimming in New York Harbour so a round of applause is due.

Stopped everything for awhile and helped her re-join the cruise.

As I hand steered all the way through and the photographer was down getting showered and changed we don’t have a single photo.


On our first day, in a light drizzle, we visited the 9/11 memorial. It was very quiet and sombre.

The two towers are now deep water falls, round the edges of each is engraved the names of all the victims on that day.

IMG_20150602_105936 IMG_20150602_110211

And dominating the whole scene is the ‘Freedom Tower’


Seeing all those names engraved round the waterfalls was a stark reminder of the huge impact the day had on so many people.