The passage to Halifax took 46 hours with head winds most of the way.

The berth was very close to town:


We had dinner here the first night after a walk round the town. Very nice menu.

We wandered into Keith’s Brewery prior to this and went up to the bar and got two beers, no charge. As we wandered away to find a place to sit it looked a bit strange, like an event. We snuck into a side room but were soon discovered by a staff member – very embarrassed that we had got in. We finished the beers and left in good order. To keep Mr. Keith happy we later had lunch at another of his pubs and paid for the beers this time.

The Museum of the Atlantic was an eye opener. Titanic victims were brought to Halifax (survivors went to New York) so there was a lot on that, the Halifax explosion of 1917 as well. Until recently the largest industrial accident after two ships collided, one an ammunition ship that drifted ashore before exploding and taking huge amounts of Halifax with it.  Cunard who started the line was born in Halifax and there was lots on him and them. Plus this WW II corvette.


Cape Cod Canal

Our next destination was Halifax, so we left Falmouth and the USA. Our route took us back through Woods hole and then through the Cape Cod Canal.  Got told off for entering the Canal without permission – first canal in the US we have needed to. Then told to do 9 kts with a big current behind us. But soon got overtaken by other boats so put the power back on. IMG_0799

Departing Falmouth

After 19 days everything was completed. The main repair was the windlass which had suffered a catastrophic failure. A new shaft and gearbox had to be airfreighted in from New Zealand. In addition a new engine room bilge pump was fitted, the grey water tank sensor replaced and the engines all had an oil change plus filters.

Modifications included an improved wireless system for the internet so that we can get shore side wifi out off the coast plus use a sim card to get internet off the coast while within phone range. The other major modification was the installation of another battery charger and modifications to the electrical distribution system so we can use the inverters to power hotel services in the Uk while charging the batteries at a better rate. This eliminates the problem of frequency with Kapowai being 60hz and the UK at 50hz.  As built Kapowai can’t use shore power in the UK but we can now work round that.

MacDougall’s did great work. They finished at 1530 on Friday, by 1730 we were back on board with $900 worth of groceries and we sailed at 1800.

IMG_0781 IMG_0782 IMG_0783

4th July

Luckily we were in Falmouth for the 4th July. It was a Saturday and everyone seemed to be in a party mood. The day ended with the most fantastic fire works display either of us had ever seen.



Bikes & Trouble

The next day we used the local tourist map to go for a cycle, along the beach to the north, down country lanes and out to Mashpee. All looked easy on the map. We rode 35 miles.

Rude things were said about the tour director, biking, hills & decision making processes. There are no photographs of the day although the photographer was very snappy.

I blame the scale on the map, it made everything looks so close.


After leaving Newport we returned to Falmouth to get the a few things done. As it was the first time we knew where and when we would be we ordered loads of bits and pieces.

One of the items we have been wanting for some time, bicycles:


We saw this type on the dock in New York and the owner said there were good. They fold up quickly, stow in a bag. 6 speed gears, not racing bikes but good to get round on.

Our first trip was down the bike trail from Falmouth to Woods Hole. 5 mile ride, lunch at a nice pub and a 7 mile wobble back.

Woods Hole is famous for the MBL:


and mermaids on shore leave, if you can spot them.IMG_20150703_105925


We left Wickford on the Monday and returned to Newport, 11 nautical miles so very quick. The main purpose was to go and see a company about trading in the tender. At present we have a 15 ft Nautica with a 90 HP outboard. This is too big and heavy for the two of us to safely launch & recover.


We are looking at something about 11 ft with a 20 HP outboard. Photos to come when we get it.