St. Augustine.

We arrived midday off St. Augustine, the guide said it was a tricky inlet due to shifting sand banks. To make life more interesting the buoys aren’t charted as they have to move them as the channel shifts. The guide put me onto someone and he gave me the number for Towboat US. It seemed a bit odd to ring the people who would come and do the salvage for advice. But they were excellent and texted an overhead photo with the buoys marking the channel on it, gave good advice and were available for follow up questions. In the end it was fine, plenty of water and the buoys easy to find. Before we knew it we were in the harbour and the chart was useful again. Had to wait for the timed opening of the bridge on the hour. As it was a timed opening I didn’t call on the radio and steamed through as the two halves opened. The bridge operator was out of the cab holding her radio and tapping on it, oops got that one wrong. St Augustine is the eldest city in the US and is celebrating its 450th anniversary this year, the sailing vessel seen in some of the photos was sent over from Spain to take part in the celebrations. A look round her was quite pricey so the Spanish are still plundering the Americas of its treasure. IMG_0287 It is very touristy but extremely well done, in character over the life of the city with Spanish, Colonial English, Spanish (again) and early American all represented. The city changing hands several times. The fort, built between 1672 & 1695 was well worth a visit with soldiers in various uniforms and cannon firing on the hour. IMG_0299 IMG_0288IMG_0285

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