Miami Onward

After Dinner one of the many thunderstorms arrived, initially the wind dropped to dead calm and Kapowai took all the weight off the anchor chain and the snubber dropped off. Another lesson learnt.

A wild couple of hours swinging all over the place and being rattled by thunder but luckily not being connected to the heavenly grid. When we anchored Lois asked why so far from the others, in the morning it was clear one of them had dragged some distance. That’s why, you can anchor yourself securely but you can’t rely on others.

The morning was much nicer, breakfast and up came the ironmongery to be stowed for passage. A much gentler departure this time and a sedate passage toward Miami.

We used the ICW to pass along the front of the city and then turned into the main ship channel to head out into the atlantic. The night before there was 4 cruise ships in port but this morning there was only a couple of tugs and their barges.


There was a huge digger near the entrance doing some dredging.


Before long we were out side and heading north past Miami Beach.


Looking on the chart I saw we were passing straight over a dangerous wreck just on the 300 ft contour. How dangerous could that be, unless the Eiffel Tower had sunk. As we passed over the depth sounder went from 299 ft to 3.9 ft. Instant heart starter! However, it seems in depths over 300 ft the depth sounder goes to 3.9ft as a default.

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