Passage to Miami Anchorage

Key West was as far south as we were going, time to head North. Sailed on Sunday the 26th into lovely calm conditions. We spent a pleasant day watching dolphins, occasional turtle and flying fish that couldn’t really as there was no wind.


Initially, I had done the passage plan off the coast but changed it to a rock hop after reading the guides. We were never in water deeper than 40 ft and could clearly see the bottom a lot of the time.

As dusk approached we came to a nice anchorage hidden behind Rodriguez Key off Key Largo. There was already a few swinging on the hook as we arrived.

Slowed down, got the hydraulics on line but no windlass. Checked all the breakers, re-started and still no windlass. As it got darker we just about gave up when I remembered a comment about the thruster panel needed to be activated. One push on that and we had a windlass.

First anchoring went well, Lois drove the boat and I went forward. 70 ft of chain in 10 feet of water and we were ready for dinner.


The anchorage next morning as we left.

Next morning we did the reverse, said to Lois once the anchor is up starboard the rudder and engine ahead and off we go. I was on my hands and knees securing the anchor and next thing Kapowai is away, full revs, hard a starboard and a destroyer turn out of the anchorage, everything not secured including me slides to starboard, pinned to the railing by G forces.


Another perfect day, scaring sunbathing turtles and being over taken by fast movers.

As we came up toward Miami had a sudden change of plan and entered into Biscayne Bay through the Florida channel to anchor for the night in Hurricane Bay in the lee of Biscayne Key.


This is a the lighthouse at the southern tip of Biscayne Key.


Anchored nicely in the early afternoon so dropped the swim steps and dived in, afternoon nap and up for dinner and a spectacular thunder storm over Miami.