Key West

We arrived at the entrance to NW after breakfast and followed the channel to the port of Key West. It is a big cruising destination, a coast guard base and also has a US Navy air station. Busy place with loads of recreational craft as well.


Arrived off the dock just before lunch and with the help of dock hands were all tied up for a lunch time beer.

The first noticeable thing was the heat, 35 C. Time for a siesta, no mad dogs in sight and no need for englishmen either.

The harbour is full of fish, pelicans and a very lazy manatee that lies under a fresh water tap and has a drink when thirsty. The fish get fed and there are an amazing number swimming round, wouldn’t like to fall in.

In the evening we walked up to Mallory Square where there is sunset market, buskers and cocktails. Had a lime one each, cold and delicious. Mine was a margarita and Lois had some slushie concoction. Dinner at one of the eateries on the waterfront.

Key West is a tourist destination, popular for fishing and weddings – the biggest catch of all. We shared the wharf with about 6 game fishers who went out in the morning and came back with happy clients in the late afternoon. They even filleted the fish for them.

Town is packed with bars, restaurants, art & craft shops, and tour offices for the boat cruises, hiring jet skis etc ┬áthe odd bikers bar, and several places doing henna tattoos – why?

Hemingway was here for awhile and President Truman was a frequent visitor. We enjoyed the stay. Sunset cruises are very popular and the exodus just before was something to see, surprising there wasn’t any collisions.

The last night went to a place in town and Lois had Key Lime pie, I tried for a photo but they don’t make shutter speeds that fast.

A selection of photos showing Key West.

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