Gulf of Mexico

Once clear of Venice inlet we set course for the channel entrance for Key West, some 132 nautical miles (NM). There was two swells running, a long period big one from the SW and a shorter and smaller one from the north. Once we set course Kapowai started to roll so on went the stabilisers, no more rolling.

We cleared Venice just after 1300 so had an overnight passage to Key West. There was very little wind, at 1300 RPM and 7 GPH we did an easy 8 knots.  The sea was glassy with a lot of seaweed debris. Fish jumping all over and dolphins in sight most of the time. One group of 5 bow wave surfed for over 30 minutes. As it darkened we took it in turns to have a couple of hours kip. Once dark we were treated to a spectacular lightning show from over the southern Keys.

Next morning we had breakfast and prepared to arrive at Key West.

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