We arrived back on board on the 10th April to get Kapowai ready for departure and begin our travels. Waiting for bits to arrive dragged out and it was not until the 22nd that we were ready to go.
First trip was to the bunker berth to get 600 gallons of diesel.  Kapowai proved lovely to handle and we got clear of her home for the last 15 months and tied up to the fuel berth in no time at all. We had invested in wireless headsets so we could talk while being out of sight – called ‘marriage savers’ – they worked well. I haven’t told Lois the mike is very sensitive and I can hear her muttering to herself, mostly unrepeatable comments about the skipper. Another time maybe.
My last vehicle was a Landrover Discovery, 20 gallons to fill up for a cost of £80. I put 600 gallons in for a cost of £1200 and that is only a 5th of her capacity.